How to exit your startup

The goal of many startup entrepreneurs is to eventually exit their company at a point where they can secure a great payout from themselves and investors. Sounds harsh and calculated, doesn’t it? Well, it is a business, so get used to it.

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Southeast Asia is the source? Yep, and the advice is basic but solid. Are you involved with a startup? EGS has exit answers and game plans.

Exit Strategies for Investors of Startup Businesses

Of all parts of the investment process, the exit strategy is undeniably the favorite of angel investors and entrepreneurs. The exit strategy is when a venture capitalist or entrepreneur intends to cash in on an investment.

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Two purposes for this story. First, it’s good input for investors in startups. Second, it introduces you to The name says it all if you’ve got something to say via the Internet.

Startup Exit Strategies — Deciding on a Successor  

The crux? Happiness matters.


Without purpose there is no happiness. Without happiness there can be no sustainable wealth creation.


Purpose, not profit, is the recipe for success in the age of the millenial.

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I found this short article rather charming even though the examples are based on really big companies. If you agree, call EGS for a courtesy strategy consulation.

Six Exit Strategies for Investors in Startups

Exit strategies for startup firms take on different forms, but it’s important your startup puts one in place for your investors:


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Collectively, startups are much different from established companies in terms of exit strategies. Investors are interested in much earlier exits. Here’s insight from a writer who has “been there, done that” several times.