Selling The Business – A Checklist

Selling the business to employees or ivnestors is another exit strategy option. There are Pro’s and Con’s to this option. Here is what you need to know.

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Another checklist article demonstrates the complexity of selling your business. EGS will listen to your needs and cut through the complexity. We are the “EZ Button”.


One Owner’s Perspective on Exit Strategy Planning – DealZumo

When we did finally go to market, we felt like we had an MBA in selling a business.  We had hard data on what our business was worth, we knew which buyers would be interested, how to approach those buyers and exactly how the process would play out.


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Here’s a highly relevant personal case study from the home healthcare market. And it’s an Rx for nearly any business. Starting with a complimentary consultation, EGS will help you get started on your own “MBA” in an exit solution for your business.