Exit ready | How can I maximise value on exit?

On deciding a sale is the right route for you and your business, there are many different routes to market.

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Here’s some interesting and quick insight into the sale of businesses from a British perspective. Only 2 minutes long and you should call EGS for the U.S. perspective. No fee for initial consultation.

3 Ways a Small-Business Advisor Will Make Your Exit More Lucrative

While you can create an exit strategy on your own, a small-business adviser can help you with the planning part of things. Whether you contract with one on your own or use a resource like the SBA’s Small Business Development Centers, here are a few ways a small-business adviser can help.


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EGS provides many SBA-recommended services. This short article cues up small business owners to learn how to maximize value. EGS teams with you to implement the tactics.