Exit Strategies: 4 Roads To Letting Go

Do you want to sell 100 percent, take the money and run? Do you want to keep your hand in, help guide the firm during its transition? Do you want to retain an ownership percentage to supplement your retirement fund, make a loan to the buyers to provide an ongoing source of income?

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From the Franchising community comes this quick and easy article on exit possibilities. Although structured for franchisees, the insight is universal. Get customized insight beginning with a courtesy consultation at EGS.

Franchisees: What’s Your Exit Strategy When You Are Ready to Move On or Retire?

All too often, eager entrepreneurs tend to overlook the bigger picture of their promising careers as business owners, foregoing the process of planning an exit solution. WRONG!


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Franchisor Minuteman Press goes far beyond the extra mile for their franchise customers. They actively counsel exit solutions from the beginning, keeping the end in mind (as EGS strongly advocates). Very good article.