Today’s the best day to plan for the future of your business

If you’re a small business owner, don’t underestimate the time required for succession planning. Reliable resources and professionals are available to help.

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Written for the farming community, there’s sage advice here for  family businesses. EGS fully understands succession. Contact us soon.

What to Do When Your Kids Don’t Want to Take Over Your Business

Many small business owners dream about the day when they can add "and daughter" or "and son" to the name of their company. Of course, sometimes reality sets in, and that’s not possible because their children might not want the business.

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This is from Motley Fool. Expect an ad at the end. But it’s good stuff. EGS can help you sort-out the options.

OPINION: Make sure you have an exit strategy from your business | IOL Personal Finance

A leader must know when it’s time to exit. I was working in our family business for 20 years. My daughter, Amy, was slated to take over. However, to my surprise, Amy decided to become a teacher instead. Yes, there are risks to generational succession: it only works 30 percent of the time…. Suddenly, I needed a new plan for my future.

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Keen insight from this individual opinion. EGS is ready to build your strategy, including contingencies that offset the issue discussed in this article.

Passing your business on to your family FAQs | Business Law Donut

1. How far in advance should I start planning to pass the business on?

Most people find that it takes at least a couple of years to prepare. Although it is possible to pass a business on at short notice, it can take several years to handle activities such as training your successor effectively. The sooner you can discuss your plans with your advisers, the better.

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Here are 18 FAQ’s that will enlighten any firm contemplating a family succession exit plan. EGS has many more A’s for your Q’s.

Exit Strategies for a Family Business

A business exit must be custom fitted to your financial situation and your desires for management succession. The following are some possible strategies that you may want to consider — with the help of your professional advisors.

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You can tell this brief article was written by someone who has been around the block several times. Family exit strategies can be an emotional minefield. EGS knows how to defuse the mines.

Exit strategies for your family business

After many years of hard work and most likely plenty of sacrifices, many family business owners look to reap the rewards of their efforts over the years. While many will be ready to move on to the next phase of their life, there are a myriad of issues that will need to be considered first in relation to their business:

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KPMG delivers a good exit checklist for family business owners. Need a guide and coach? EGS is ready.

Tips to Make Succession Planning a Snap for Your Family Business

Sooner or later, everyone wants to retire. But if you own a family business, retirement isn’t just a matter of deciding not to go into the office any more. Besides ensuring that you have enough money to retire on, the whole question of what happens to the business becomes paramount. Who’s going to manage the business when you no longer work there?


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Good tips here. Get all the right tips and more with a complimentary consultation with EGS.


Six Tips to Make Succession Planning a Snap for Your Family Business

Business succession planning is critical for family businesses. These tips will help ensure a smooth transition from one generation to another.

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We like this article and the website that delivers it. Good insight here. To take the message further, contact EGS for a complimentary exit consultation and many more custom tips.


Relying on your business to help fund retirement? Start preparing for your exit now

“Particularly in family businesses, people often don’t get salaries that are at the market rate. You really need to bring salaries into line with the market as you prepare to exit, so buyers can see that. And get your debtors under control – they need to see that you get paid.”

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These Aussies are full of street wisdom. This short article may open some eyes. At EGS, we’ll help get your eyes wide open to all the possibilities of your end game.

Four mistakes family business owners make with their exit plan

Have you ever seen someone walk unsuspectingly into a glass door? I’ve been that person. What’s the worst part? Knowing it was totally preventable. While that scenario may be funny, creating and executing your exit plan is serious business. There are four common mistakes I see family business owners make in their exit plan — mistakes that create needless frustration, anxiety and regret. The good news is they are preventable. Mistake No. 1: Waiting until you need to retire to start planning. William Shakespeare nailed . . .


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Author Matt Rampe knows his stuff. This article delivers front-line feet-on-the-street insight worth your time.