11 Steps Every Entrepreneur Should Consider When Preparing for an Exit

These actions will help you avoid leaving money on the table when selling your business.

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Worth repeating for the new year. Here’s a fresh spin on exit decision making for entrepreneurs and small business owners. If any of this resonates with you, contact EGS to move the ball forward.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Have An Endgame

…you will eventually leave your business. Planning ahead for this eventuality is important for any entrepreneur. Like it or not, it can affect the way you manage both your business and your personal finances. Here are just a few reasons why going in with a well-defined endgame increases your probability of success.


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Good insight here. The key is a well-defined endgame. Get yours at EGS.


Exit Strategies in the Joint Venture | Hawley Troxell

As hard as it may be to admit your entrepreneurial vision may someday come to an end, having the discussion up front and coming up with a plan while everyone is talking is usually far better to having no plan and turning to the courts for a solution.


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EGS likes to read well-thought-out exit strategy arguments from experienced law firms. Here’s one that deals with multiple owners and the best ways to keep out of trouble: start with the end in mind.