5 Ways to Lead Your Company to a Successful Exit

A blockbuster exit is something of a fantasy for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. In an industry where so many companies fail, an exit is a powerful symbol of success. However, that does not mean it’s a good idea to focus on an exit strategy from Day One.

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This writer is trying to say that a day one exit strategy is to focus on building the business. We agree. The best exit is a great offense that develops company value. Don’t have that strategy? We’ll begin building one at EGS, starting with a courtesy consultation.

Why you should create an exit strategy before you need it

Don’t wait until you want out – plan ahead and you’re more likely to get what your business is worth. This short article explains why you need an exit strategy.

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From colleagues in New Zealand comes this well-thought-out advice to plan your business exit. Good stuff here and at EGS. Our initial consultation is fee-free. And the phone call is free.

Your small business exit strategy | Xero

You’re running a business that you love. You’re passionate. You’re the boss. You’re making a difference. But have you considered what your endgame is?

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Brief but good checklist article. No worries on remembering these bullets. That’s our job at EGS, beginning with a courtesy consultation.

Selling The Business – A Checklist

Selling the business to employees or ivnestors is another exit strategy option. There are Pro’s and Con’s to this option. Here is what you need to know.

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Another checklist article demonstrates the complexity of selling your business. EGS will listen to your needs and cut through the complexity. We are the “EZ Button”.


What to Consider When Planning Your Business Exit Strategy, Part II

Many bad exits happen because people act out of emotion, not logic and fact. The more you do to prepare and make sure you don’t get into a situation where you are making a decision without guidelines and fences in place, the more likely you are to get the outcome you truly desire.

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The emotional side of exit strategies is the topic of this short article. It includes a checklist on “non-negotiable” elements to consider. At EGS, we’ll help you develop a fully custom checklist to propel your interests.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Have An Endgame

…you will eventually leave your business. Planning ahead for this eventuality is important for any entrepreneur. Like it or not, it can affect the way you manage both your business and your personal finances. Here are just a few reasons why going in with a well-defined endgame increases your probability of success.


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Good insight here. The key is a well-defined endgame. Get yours at EGS.


Planning Your Exit Strategy | Wells Fargo Advisors

By spending your energy on planning your exit, just as you did to build the business, you are more likely to fully realize the value that has taken a lifetime to build.


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Now here’s a major bank — Wells Fargo — advising you to plan your exit. Goodness, Wells Fargo, you must be reading the EGS playbook. Pretty good article!                                   


Exit Planning and Succession IV – The Internal Sale (MBO)

The most probable opportunity for [glass company] owners looking to sell their business is a management buyout—a sale to senior managers or family. MBOs tend to be the most common transfer methods in the glass industry due to the inherent nature of construction companies. The lack of recurring revenue and connection to cyclic economic conditions make construction companies a risky investment by outsiders.


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Although written for the vertical niche of the magazine (glass companies), this article applies rather broadly to a range of small businesses. Good content about MBO’s here.


How to Tell When It’s Time to Put Your Exit Strategy into Action

If you’ve already developed an exit strategy, you’re in the rare minority among small business owners. Doing so puts you in an excellent position to sell your business “on purpose” – being proactive and strategic rather than reactive and ending up with less than you hoped from the sale.


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Business broker Bruce Hakutizwi must have read the EGS playbook. He understands the word “strategy.”


Succession planning: In business it’s never too early to plan for the future

It may seem a lifetime away but it’s never too early to start succession planning. That’s the key message from a recent round table event held at the University of South Wales Newport campus, facilitated by Finance Wales and attended by local businesses and intermediaries.


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We like this checklist article from Wales. The info on MBO is very useful, too, as are the checklists. But the article’s title is the key message.