Business Sale to Employee Part 1: Six Reality Checks

Are you considering a sale to a key employee among your succession plan options? If so, make sure to walk through the following reality checks:


  1. Would the employee make an effective business owner? The person you choose to take over your business should possess the motivation, risk tolerance, personality attributes and leadership qualities required of a business owner.

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Can’t wait for the next part. This is clear thinking. EGS believes in reality checks, and we start with courtesy consultation.

5 Steps in Creating a Business Succession Plan | Tompkins-Law Estate Planning Attorney

Business succession planning is the process of identifying and developing a plan of how you want your business to operate and who you want to run your business after you retire or pass away. Similar to estate planning, if the proper plan is not put into place, it can cause a lot of time, fees and headaches for your loved once.

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This is straightforward stuff. After you’ve perused the 5 steps, add a 6th: call or write EGS for a courtesy custom consultation.