How to Build a Business with an Exit Strategy in Mind

Want to build a business and cash out big? Here’s a small business exit strategy example that starts before the first day you open your doors.

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Here’s a business that began with the end in mind. This is an interesting case study, worth your time. Also worth your time is a courtesy consultation with EGS to bootstrap your exit plan.

The ins and outs of a good exit strategy

Exiting your business should allow you a good retrospective look at what you have done over the years – and so planning the strategy early on will set you up in regards to what you hope to achieve. Upon exit, you should be able to say that you have done what you set out to do, financially and socially, and you have some energy left to do more elsewhere.

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South African business insight here. We like it even though it’s merely a fresh spin on our ongoing advice. Let EGS advise you now, beginning with a zero-cost consultation.

Before you start your new business, think about your exit strategy.

…A good business plan is long-term, with both a start and a finish. By planning your business exit strategy before you begin, your journey will be more rewarding, and your business better equipped to deal with future challenges.

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Here’s a revised favorite, repeated for your benefit. EGS is 100% on-board with this advice.

Exit Strategies: Plan Early and Often Begin Your Retirement Planning Now

Consider your exit strategy from the very start, before you even open your business, in fact. Having an end in mind (and a timetable) can affect how you structure your business, which can have tremendous tax and inheritance consequences down the road.

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Begin With the End in Mind

“Begin with the end in mind” – sounds really simple but unfortunately most people lose sight of the strategic management of their business.  This vital habit ends up not being followed by business owners who are so entrenched in running their business day to day – they don’t allocate the time and energy to planning and designing the method to help them maximize the value of the business and achieve a successful exit.

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The title is one of our favorites slogans. And it bears repeating. This is a useful article from down under. Want to begin? Contact EGS.

Succession planning: beginning with the end in mind

As a responsible business owner, it makes sense to start succession planning when you are at or near a peak –- when the business is doing well and you and your leadership team have the energy and motivation to make the appropriate changes. You might need to grow your business to make it more attractive to a buyer, or transition relationships to a general manager.


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EGS is glad to see our colleagues in Australia echo our own advice: Begin with the end in mind.