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Make Employee Engagement a Strategic Priority by Focusing on These 4 Things


At Disney Institute, we believe that by intentionally overmanaging – or paying extraordinary attention to – certain critical human resources processes, an organization can create and sustain a workplace culture comprised of highly engaged employees.

According to HR Magazine, employee engagement and retention will be the number one issue for most organizations in 2015. Here are the four interconnected processes that, when intentionally designed and nurtured, can help to create a “culture by design.”

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How To 10X Your Business And Sell Like A Champion

Chatting With Champions Podcast Interview #89. Tyler Basu and Grant Cardone: How To 10X Your Business And Sell Like A Champion. For show notes and ...

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Selling Your Business Internally: Ensure Your Legacy Continues


Many business owners would prefer to see their business go to someone they know, such as key employees, partners, or family members in order to ensure that their legacy continues.

There are many benefits of selling your business internally that should not be overlooked:

  • Insiders already know the business, which means less disruption and a smoother transition.
  • Owners can negotiate a level of involvement that fits with their own personal goals.
  • Internal sales may be structured in a more tax-efficient manner that mini­mizes owner risk and keeps more of the proceeds in the seller’s pocket.
  • Loyal partners, employees, or family members are more likely to carry on the seller’s legacy than outside buyers would.

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