The EGS Story

Early in his business management career, Alan Mischler discovered a unique point-of-view that would become the benchmark for every career move he made. “To this day I cannot say why, but my mind always sought to know where a company was likely to be in another year and another 10 yeaEndGameSuccess Logors.”

This wasn’t some kind of crystal ball phenomena, says Alan. He asks “when we are facing a career decision, isn’t it natural to question ‘where is this likely to go?’ ” When facing similar decisions, each of us will win interview points if we not only ask the question, but also perform due diligence research to arrive at fact-based answers.

After 30+ years and numerous management positions, successful exit strategies and end games for several companies, Alan founded EndGame Success, LLC – EGS – in 2015. “This is a pay-it-forward” role for me, doing what I love best,” he says. “As an exit consultant, I’m equipped by virtue of my track record to help companies structure an exit strategy that achieves top value right at the point of succession, sale or merger.”

Although Alan preaches begin with the end in mind, it’s often not possible. EGS will help many firms achieve endgame success, even with as little as six months advance planning. “While it’s ideal to include a thorough and professional exit strategy in the original business plan, few startups comply.” A big part of Alan’s job is to mitigate the lack of strategic planning with active tactics.

Alan Mischler Snapshot Resume

  • ’86  MBA international finance, Boston University
  • Part owner & CFO – took ‘86 startup to $150M and successfully sold to General Dynamics in 2003
  • President, director, principal of numerous businesses from small to billion-dollar multi-national
  • Now: Principal and President of EndGame Success, LLC
  • Member, IMC (Institute of Management Consultants), AM&AA (Association of Merger & Acquisition Advisors)