How to Build a Business with an Exit Strategy in Mind

Want to build a business and cash out big? Here’s a small business exit strategy example that starts before the first day you open your doors.

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Here’s a business that began with the end in mind. This is an interesting case study, worth your time. Also worth your time is a courtesy consultation with EGS to bootstrap your exit plan.

The ins and outs of a good exit strategy

Exiting your business should allow you a good retrospective look at what you have done over the years – and so planning the strategy early on will set you up in regards to what you hope to achieve. Upon exit, you should be able to say that you have done what you set out to do, financially and socially, and you have some energy left to do more elsewhere.

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South African business insight here. We like it even though it’s merely a fresh spin on our ongoing advice. Let EGS advise you now, beginning with a zero-cost consultation.

Businesses carry a lighter tax load in 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will help reduce the 2018 tax burdens of many businesses and their owners. For C corporations and personal service corporations, it creates a low, flat tax rate and makes other changes. Exit planning is also discussed.

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Worth reading as we head into the last month of 2018. Be sure to catch the chapter on Exit Planning. Then contact EGS to move toward the goal posts.

Why the Sale of a Business Fails

Pino Bacinello, president of M&A and Business Brokers Ltd., adds: “Our experience has been that business owners who do some planning—even if limited—and are realistic in their expectations, will typically receive 100 percent of their expected value at time of sale.”

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Eye-opening facts here, in the $500K – $5M small business segment. EGS provides a very direct and swift methodology to overcome failure.

Selling A Business Doesn’t Have To Be A Headache

Conclusion: A Long-term Strategy Combined with Proper Legal Representation Goes a Long Way.

It is nearly impossible to create an exhaustive list of advice about issues that may arise for the seller of a small business; however, preparing for these major issues far in advance of a sale gives the seller the ability to focus on the transaction instead of distractions. The seller will maintain much better control over the transaction and be in a position to handle any smaller issues more smoothly, within the framework of a well-prepared sales strategy.

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Solid legal advice here, from a nationally-recognized group. The article’s conclusion amplifies EGS’ position: failing to plan is a plan to fail.

The Succession Planning Preparedness Quiz

Effective succession planning involves building the value of the business during your period of ownership and management, and having a plan in place when you are ready to step down. It means that management authority and control are delegated responsibly.

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We like this short article at EGS. Take the quiz, record your answers. Then give EGS a call to begin converting your responses to an action plan.

Younger generation poised to benefit as boomers exit businesses |

Those in the business of selling businesses are mindful that a wave of baby boomers is getting ready to retire, which theoretically means a wave of businesses will flood the market.

There’s no sign of this yet but in theory, this would be great news for would-be entrepreneurs who don’t want to start from scratch themselves.

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From way down under comes this intimate view of businesses that fail to plan, with advice to get started. That’s what we do at EGS, and we do it quickly and well.

Exit Strategies 101: The Importance of Planning Ahead by @DrRKayGreen

One of the most dreaded questions in job interviews may be this: “Where do you picture yourself in five years?” But this is the very question that business owners and entrepreneurs need to ask themselves. The people who succeed in this lifestyle have a plan for where they want to be in five years, ten years, fifteen years, and so on.

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EGS likes this short piece. Enjoy, then contact us bootstrap your planning starting with a courtesy consultation.

Why an Exit Strategy Is a Critical Component of Your Business Plan | ProfitBlitz

By planning for an exit as soon as you start building your company, you ensure that when your firm comes to an end, it does so on your terms.

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Good checklist here. The writer is a valuation specialist. So is EGS, and we’re ready to get the ball rolling.