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If your business can’t run without you, you’re not in the best position to sell. When your business runs flawlessly without your involvement, its value increases and you’ll have an easier time finding a buyer.

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Short article from Canadian group amplifies a key message that is central to the EGS playbook. Take a minute to digest, then contact EGS to begin the process.

Startup Exit Strategies — Deciding on a Successor  

The crux? Happiness matters.


Without purpose there is no happiness. Without happiness there can be no sustainable wealth creation.


Purpose, not profit, is the recipe for success in the age of the millenial.

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I found this short article rather charming even though the examples are based on really big companies. If you agree, call EGS for a courtesy strategy consulation.

Business succession: do you have an exit strategy?

Preparing for business exit is good practice and can help you to achieve your future business goals.

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Once again, our overseas colleagues lay it out correctly. This article ends with an invitation to consult. We agree, but consult on this side of the Atlantic with EGS. No initial cost.