Selling The Business – A Checklist

Selling the business to employees or ivnestors is another exit strategy option. There are Pro’s and Con’s to this option. Here is what you need to know.

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Another checklist article demonstrates the complexity of selling your business. EGS will listen to your needs and cut through the complexity. We are the “EZ Button”.


How to Protect Business Value in a Tricky Economy

If you’re thinking about selling your company in the next few years, have you considered the impact that changing economic conditions could have on business value? Better yet, have you considered what you will do to protect the value of your business if key economic indicators go south?

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Good insight in this Inc. article. EGS is ready to adapt it to your specific situation beginning with a zero-cost consultation.

Why an Acquisition Might Be the Best Growth and Exit Strategy for Your Business (No Matter What Size It Is)

Ready to exit, or ready to grow? M&A may be the answer, but only if you find the right partner. Acquiring or merging with a like-kind company can create opportunities for small companies to accelerate their growth… and for someone to exit. And, no, this method is not just for the big guys, small businesses can produce serious results with a calculated acquisition strategy.

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It’s fairly rare, but a merger can offer both growth and exit opportunities. Here’s a useful case study about two small firms. EGS is eager to offer solid guidance.

Exit Strategies of the Rich and Famous

Estate conservation is too important to put off. Do you have a smart [personal] exit strategy? This is a short video.

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Here’s a fun and interesting video to kick-off your weekend. And it’s also a topic that EGS loves to consult on: your personal exit strategy whether you are famous or not.

Sharing the wealth: ESOPs offer business owners an exit strategy, if they plan ahead

When Mark Lindquist purchased Rapid-Line Inc. in 1989, he completed the transaction with a strategy for exiting the business already in mind. Shortly after signing the paperwork to acquire the Wyoming-based contract manufacturer, Lindquist established an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) to cement a clear path for his eventual retirement.

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ESOPs are useful for many businesses, but certainly not all. EGS will help you figure out if an ESOP is best for your business, starting with a courtesy consultation.

Managing the Emotional Toll of Selling Your Small Business

Many buyers desire that the previous owner remain with the business, on a consulting basis, for three to six months after the transaction, to help ease the transition. Make sure that you’re emotionally prepared to play this role in a professional manner.

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Here’s an interesting look at the emotional side of selling your small business. EGS practices positive reinforcement to maximize smart decisions. Our insight is waiting for you during a courtesy consultation.

Exit Planning | The Vantage Group, Inc.

“An exit plan asks and answers all the business, personal, financial, legal and tax questions involved in transitioning a privately owned business. It includes contingencies for illness, burnout, divorce or death. Its purpose is to maximize the value of the business at the time of exit, minimize taxes, and ensure the owner is able to accomplish all his or her personal and financial goals in the process.”

– Exit Planning Institute

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Solid insight in this article by The Vantage Group in Michigan. Contact EGS to actualize the advice beginning with a courtesy consultation.

When Divorce Involves a Business Split

Divorce can be a difficult time and whilst many presume correctly the main concern is children, on many occasions, there are many other important factors such as business ownership.

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We owe thanks for this short piece on a topic encountered (too) frequently. EGS knows how to handle the situation well in advance. Contact us now to get a courtesy consultation.

Employee ownership could be answer to exit of baby boomer owners

Nexus, teamed up with a group called Project Equity out of Northern California, has embarked on a new effort to get the word out about the economic benefits to workers who manage to take over ownership of these businesses from their retiring bosses. What makes this at least worth hearing about, for business owners, is that a better buyer than their own workers may not come along.

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Enjoyable article! Is the author describing your business? Contact EGS to get the ball rolling on an employee ownership exit plan.