Cashing Out: 3 Tips for Valuing and Preparing Your Business for Sale

The grind that goes into building a business and creating a book of happy clients is remarkably hard. The perception of overnight successes that fill the airwaves betray the long, lonely hours and meager rewards. After years of carefully caring for an idea that becomes a business, many entrepreneurs feel exhausted and begin to consider selling – here’s how.

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Read this brief article first. Then ask “Do I resemble this guy?” If you’ve procrastinated on an exit solution, EGS can quickly get you up to speed.

Making a gracious exit from your business and finding a successor

It’s come to that moment. You feel like it’s the right time to leave your business that you’ve put so much work into over the years.

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Gracious exits take planning. Here’s good advice from an Australian firm. Planning? That’s what we start with at EGS.

How to Break Up With Your Business Partner the Right Way

The average startup breakup rate can be 20-30% higher than marriage divorce rates. If the pairing at the heart of a joint venture starts to fail, knowing how to end the relationship can save the business from a PR nightmare. You want a fresh start, not a new enemy.

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Partnership-based companies should consider breakup contingencies in exit strategy planning. You just never know, so plan for it. EGS can quickly add a plan.

Who Needs a Succession Plan? Maybe You

Monetizing a closely held business is often a long and difficult process, so business owners may benefit by developing an exit strategy.

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Short, sweet read. You do need a plan. 

Succession planning can give you and your family security and confidence

Succession planning is one of the more important safety nets for a business owner who wants to build their business with the end goal of selling their business for the maximum value, be it in one, five or 10 years’ time. Yet, as important as this is, many businesses fail to implement a successful exit strategy for their eventual transfer of ownership.The reality is that every business owner will need to exit at some stage.

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Short, sweet message from across the sea. Contact us now to get your plan rolling.

What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Business

Selling a business is a multi-faceted process. How do you determine what it’s worth? How do you find a buyer? How do you keep your competitors, customers and employees from knowing it’s for sale if secrecy is critical? What are all the steps involved?


Let’s look at these questions and more with eight tips for maximizing the sale of your business.

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This article is simple enough. For most firms, however, simple it isn’t. You need a guide, an experienced hand-holder to steer you.