Begin With the End in Mind

“Begin with the end in mind” – sounds really simple but unfortunately most people lose sight of the strategic management of their business.  This vital habit ends up not being followed by business owners who are so entrenched in running their business day to day – they don’t allocate the time and energy to planning and designing the method to help them maximize the value of the business and achieve a successful exit.

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The title is one of our favorites slogans. And it bears repeating. This is a useful article from down under. Want to begin? Contact EGS.

Why Investors Are Asking About Your Exit Strategy (And What You Should Say)

Investors put money into risky startups to drive a superior return versus other investments. Investing in private companies has the additional risk of an illiquid stock, but implies some amount of patience with these investments. Ultimately, in order to have liquidity, there needs to be an exit.

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Investor-fueled startups need an exit strategy from day one. Inc magazine details, in general, why and what to offer. EGS will get specific with your during our courtesy consultation.

There’s Never a Great Time to Plan Your Succession

… just to be clear, since the most critical choices are the ones we make with our hearts rather than our heads, you’ll know it’s time to go when your fears are greater than your dreams.

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I like this emotion-driven article from Inc. It addresses the avoidance factor that we often encounter at EGS. Our free initial consultation will help move the ball forward.

Succession Planning Part 1: Establishing an Exit Strategy

Do you want to sell the business to an outside party and completely remove yourself and your family from future operations? If so, working with a consultant to maximize the value of the business can be invaluable. He or she can help get systems in place that will make your operations attractive to specific types of buyers.

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Here’s exit advice from wealth management experts. EGS agrees with much of it. Good, short read. Then give EGS a call to begin the exit strategy process.

Planning for Business Succession – Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP – Counselors at Law

A properly planned exit strategy ensures that the benefits of your hard work and your vision for that the business continues to thrive.  It is a natural succession and necessary step toward achieving your goals and protecting your assets.  Additionally, it helps ensure business continuity. The sooner you start to plan, the more options and flexibility you will have.

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This New York law firm provides clear insight. Short, good read. When you finish, consider a courtesy consultation to adapt the insight to your specific situation.

6 Legal Issues Your Business Succession Plan Should Address – Biz Epic

One of the important and necessary parts of your organization’s business strategy is succession planning. A succession plan can help protect a business in case of retirement, a divorce or the death of the owner or key executives in the business. In other words, succession planning is all about laying structures of how business is going to proceed once the owner is not around.

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Separate from an actual exit strategy, a succession plan provides contingent guidance. Contingent on what? Contact EGS for a courtesy evaluation of your needs.

How to Retire When Your Business Partners Are Sticking Around

It’s easy if you and your partners plan to retire at the same time: You can sell the business to outsiders all at once. But if you don’t expect that to be the case, you’ll need a system in place to allow you or any of your partners to sell shares at a fair price, without damaging the business.

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This is a good argument favoring buy-sell agreements. EGS fully supports them and is ready to illuminate the benefits. Read our popular article here.