Planning Your Exit Strategy | Wells Fargo Advisors

An exit strategy involves developing a plan to pass on responsibility for running your business, transferring ownership and extracting the money.

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Wells Fargo delivers solid advice in this well-written article.


You built the company, now you are retiring

Four million baby boomers currently own and operate American companies, representing roughly 66 percent of all domestic businesses with employees. What happens to their companies and employees when these owners retire?

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Here’s an ESOP-centered article that focuses on shifting demographics in exit strategies. It’s a good read. You’ll get custom attention to ESOPs and all other tactics when EGS consults with you.

Exit Planning & Transition Insights

We’re Boston-based exit consultants. Here’s some quick insight for those owners thinking about an exit plan. Your actual best insight may vary, so hook up with a vetted consultant to get it right.

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EGS is ready to help you craft your own best insights. First consultation is free.

Six Tips to Make Succession Planning a Snap for Your Family Business

Business succession planning is critical for family businesses. These tips will help ensure a smooth transition from one generation to another.

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We like this article and the website that delivers it. Good insight here. To take the message further, contact EGS for a complimentary exit consultation and many more custom tips.