A Guide To Succession Planning & Exit Strategy

Keynote Speaker and Mentor David Oliver and BCMS, one of the world’s leading business transfer agents, have put together a special one-hour webinar.

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Got a spare hour? Here’s a video from a British firm that offers a general succinct guide to succession and exit strategy. Or you could get a tailored-to-your-business guide direct from EGS. Call 703-801-9394 for a complimentary consultation.


Best Practices for Improving Employee’s Job Satisfaction Quickly

Follow our 16 proven strategies for increasing your employee’s job satisfaction quickly. (It’ll help improve company valuation).


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One of the best value drivers in any exit strategy is employee job satisfaction. Here’s a thoroughly refreshed view on a topic we’ve covered before. Enjoy!


Cashing Out: 3 Tips for Valuing and Preparing Your Business for Sale

The journey from founder to investor is a time where all of your hard work and dedication can bear fruit.

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There’s ample charm in this article. It resides in the emotional observations made by the author. Enjoy the article then contact EGS for much more than three tips.


How can I maximise value on exit? – Part 1

A well executed exit plan will, ideally, contemplate a period of four to five years leading up to an exit. Clearly, that time frame won’t always be realistic as the timing may be influenced by the position of the business ownerWe’re often asked this by business owners who are contemplating an exit and, more often than not, it’s a very difficult question to answer.

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This UK article includes insight for the U.S. It’s a good primer on company value and planning. But EGS is about much more. A free consultation will tune you in.


Oregon Poll Reveals Business Owners Overlook How Their Decisions Impact Wealth In Retirement

More often than not, business owners emphasize the journey to success, but fail to consider the work it takes to wind down. It could take years to prepare a business for exit. Furthermore, a recent Treasury Department proposal to limit valuation discounts when transferring businesses to family members could cause business owners to further stall succession planning.

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Here’s an interesting poll conducted by bankers. Is your firm represented? EGS will help you navigate through the perils and shoals of exit strategies.

Seven Financial Questions You Need To Answer Before leaving Your Business

Before you take the leap and decide you really do want to move on, you need to make sure it’s not only the right thing for you to do from a personal standpoint, but a financial one as well.


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Seven essentials points that are simple and clear. EGS will help you deal with all seven and a great deal more.


Why Do Business Owners Need An Exit Strategy?

Exit strategy is a hot topic. With more than 60% of businesses owned by baby boomers, there will be a massive exodus within the next several years.

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We agree with the thrust of this article, especially this line: Lack of Planning is the key factor. If your situation resembles this remark, EGS will immediately begin planning for you, following our initial free consultation.


Successful Succession Planning & Development

Our second in a series of web conversations with the experts from New Direction Partners. In this installment we discuss the steps towards evaluation of of your current situation, future planning and eventual execution of a succession plan for your Printing / Graphic Communications business. 

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New Direction Partners focuses on succession planning for firms in the printing and graphics business. If you have a spare hour, this PowerPoint YouTube seminar offers a 101-level course that covers the basics. Or, you could call EGS at 703-801-9394 for a courtesy consultation covering the same ground and more.

Team Members You Need When Implementing an Exit Strategy for Selling a Business – ibainc.com

Implementing an exit strategy calls for a transaction team of professional advisers. The first professional adviser traditionally consulted by a business owner related to the sale of a privately held company or family business is the CPA or accountant.

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This article will bring out the editor in you to add paragraph breaks, bullets and improved syntax to the tortured text. Still, EGS thinks you’ll benefit, so take a deep breath and wade through it. BTW, all the team members you need are supplied by our services.