Exit Planning Strategies for your Business Transition

Eye- and mind-opening scenario covers a lot of the scenarious that SMBs are likely to encounter.


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Got 10 minutes? See if you can identify with Jim, the small business owner in this YouTube video. You’ll also learn a lot – but not all – about our thinking at EGS.


Negotiating change: how to plan the right business exit strategy

An exit strategy is a vital requirement for any investor and should be considered from the outset. It may be a three, five or even 35 year plan, but it is something that needs to be considered.


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Here’s a quick reminder. It includes the basics. EGS helps answer these questions quickly and effectively.


3 Ways a Small-Business Advisor Will Make Your Exit More Lucrative

While you can create an exit strategy on your own, a small-business adviser can help you with the planning part of things. Whether you contract with one on your own or use a resource like the SBA’s Small Business Development Centers, here are a few ways a small-business adviser can help.


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EGS provides many SBA-recommended services. This short article cues up small business owners to learn how to maximize value. EGS teams with you to implement the tactics.


Cisco UK & Ireland Blog »To exit or not to exit? Exit strategies explored

To look at a local UK example, we have SaaS business PCA Predict. At the end of last year, co-founders Guy Mucklow and Jamie Turner decided to sell their business. They were offered $100m… but at the very last minute decided to turn it down, instead choosing to scale the business themselves.

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Here’s a report by journalists on exit strategies playing out in Europe. There are many useful points here. An enjoyable read. Take notes!

Relying on your business to help fund retirement? Start preparing for your exit now

“Particularly in family businesses, people often don’t get salaries that are at the market rate. You really need to bring salaries into line with the market as you prepare to exit, so buyers can see that. And get your debtors under control – they need to see that you get paid.”

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These Aussies are full of street wisdom. This short article may open some eyes. At EGS, we’ll help get your eyes wide open to all the possibilities of your end game.

Senior Benefits of Colorado | Are You Planning Your Business Exit Strategy?

Some business owners and perhaps most believe that the sale of their business will be their retirement plan.  This could be very true as it’s projected that the selling of businesses will be BIG – a trillion dollar industry within the next 10 years.  Yes, we’re in the throws of the largest business trend EVER.  With all of those businesses for sale, don’t you think it will be a buyer’s market?  


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We love insightful articles. Here’s one.


Business Exit Strategy | Wells Fargo Advisors

If you’ve spent your life building a business, retiring may not be an easy prospect. Small businesses don’t always have company-sponsored pension plans and unlike people whose investment portfolios contain a number of different stocks and bonds, many business owners have the majority of their funds invested in one thing — their businesses.


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Here’s simple and clear thinking about exit strategies.


A Basic Dictionary for Buying or Selling a Business

A dictionary of 35 common terms you should know and understand when you go to buy or sell a business.

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Althought these terms are for Canadian businesses, most of them apply to the U.S. If you have EGS at your side, you won’t need to study these definitions.


Todd Klein’s answer: Is it compulsory to add an exit strategy to a business plan or pitch deck for a startup?

The answer… depends on who you’re pitching and what their motivations are. If you’re pitching to an angel investor or family who is interested because they want to participate in the startup world, mentor entrepreneurs, etc., then there’s less of an expectation that you’ll have a well-considered exit strategy.


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You can get lost in the great answers at this famous Internet service. Todd Klien’s answer opens the kimono on start-up exit strategy thinking. Good stuff to absorb.


How to create an exit strategy for your tech startup – Tech City News (UK)

Nick Jones, partner and head of technology at Cavendish Corporate Finance, which advises exclusively on sell side M&A to mid-market companies, explains how startups can create a decent exit strategy.

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Good advice from the UK by a Nick Jones, a noted end game expert. Advising startups to create an exit strategy aligns well with EGS advice to “begin with the end in mind.”