Planning Your Exit Strategy | Wells Fargo Advisors

By spending your energy on planning your exit, just as you did to build the business, you are more likely to fully realize the value that has taken a lifetime to build.


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Now here’s a major bank — Wells Fargo — advising you to plan your exit. Goodness, Wells Fargo, you must be reading the EGS playbook. Pretty good article!                                   


The Challenge of Succession Planning

One of the toughest topics to discuss with any small business owner is the idea of succession planning and having a well thought-out exit strategy.

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Written specifically for owners of A/V (audio-visual) companies, this “inside” view is nonetheless broadly appealing. You may find yourself in this article. When you do, come to EGS to get the ball rolling.


Why startups should consider M&A as an exit strategy » CEOWORLD Magazine

The IPO market has been struggling in 2016, due in part to ongoing volatility in the equity markets, as well as the perception of another venture capital bubble. As a result, many startups have decided to delay their IPO launches and in some cases, abort …

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The operative word in this short but insightful article is STARTUP. The author sees M&A as the preferred exit strategy when the business isn’t likely to succeed with an IPO. Enter EGS to figure it out.


Exit Strategies in the Joint Venture | Hawley Troxell

As hard as it may be to admit your entrepreneurial vision may someday come to an end, having the discussion up front and coming up with a plan while everyone is talking is usually far better to having no plan and turning to the courts for a solution.


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EGS likes to read well-thought-out exit strategy arguments from experienced law firms. Here’s one that deals with multiple owners and the best ways to keep out of trouble: start with the end in mind.


Exit Planning and Succession IV – The Internal Sale (MBO)

The most probable opportunity for [glass company] owners looking to sell their business is a management buyout—a sale to senior managers or family. MBOs tend to be the most common transfer methods in the glass industry due to the inherent nature of construction companies. The lack of recurring revenue and connection to cyclic economic conditions make construction companies a risky investment by outsiders.


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Although written for the vertical niche of the magazine (glass companies), this article applies rather broadly to a range of small businesses. Good content about MBO’s here.


How to Tell When It’s Time to Put Your Exit Strategy into Action

If you’ve already developed an exit strategy, you’re in the rare minority among small business owners. Doing so puts you in an excellent position to sell your business “on purpose” – being proactive and strategic rather than reactive and ending up with less than you hoped from the sale.


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Business broker Bruce Hakutizwi must have read the EGS playbook. He understands the word “strategy.”


Selling Your Small Business? 3 Tips for Making the Deal you Want

Owners may have decades of experience at managing their business but little to no experience with the complex process surrounding their exit.  Every business owner leaves their business, either by death, sale, closing or succession. Which way do you want to leave?


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Simple, clear thinking is the tone for this short article. An exit plan is not something that owners do regulary. But EGS does nothing but exit plans. Tap our experience starting with a no-fee initial consultation.


Without Exit Planning, You Could Be Left With Nothing

Do you dream of selling your business for a very tidy profit so you can retire and spend your days on luxury cruises or working on your golf handicap? Well, without an exit plan, your dream doesn’t have much chance of happening. 


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Once again, our colleagues in Great Britain deliver on the theme of exit planning. Brief but good article will get you thinking about planning. At EGS, we turn strategy into actionable tactics.


The CPA Superhero: Tax Implications When You Sell a Business

The sale of a business is such an important transaction that sellers must get help from experts experienced in end games.


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This CPA view tracks our own. This article is a pretty quick read that will help owners begin to understand the tax implications of an exit plan. EGS can add a wealth of knowledge that fits your specific plan.


Succession planning: In business it’s never too early to plan for the future

It may seem a lifetime away but it’s never too early to start succession planning. That’s the key message from a recent round table event held at the University of South Wales Newport campus, facilitated by Finance Wales and attended by local businesses and intermediaries.


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We like this checklist article from Wales. The info on MBO is very useful, too, as are the checklists. But the article’s title is the key message.