Startup to succession – Sean Elliot’s Inspirational Story

Sean Elliot, founder and Managing Director of IT specialist Network ROI, explains how Scottish Enterprise helped him identify a solution that felt right for him, his staff, and the future of the company.

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Here’s a charming personal case study out of Scotland. It portrays an owner’s decision to exit the business based on an employee ownership plan. For North American readers, “MD” in this story means Managing Director.


Financial Adviser: Why should you have an exit strategy now

Because it will be your succession plan to sustain the business in the long run.

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Out of the Phillipines comes this timely brief article that captures the essense of the core thinking behind every exit strategy. Enjoy! Then give EGS a call to begin getting your plan on track.


How to Encourage a Business Owner to Exit

In family businesses it can be obvious to everyone but the owner when it is time for their exit. When that departure is past due, the indicators usually include the owner’s clear differences with staff’s recommendations for business innovation, process change and new technology implementation.


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We ocassionaly hear from family members or employees who want help convincing the owner to implement an exit. Here’s some insight from a Canadian exit practitioner. A consultation with EGS may save the day.


8 Things that Would Stop You from Selling Your Business | Silicon Valley Globe

The Do’s and Don’ts for successfully selling a business. Build your deal team.


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This succinct article gets right to the point, concluding that you must build a deal team. EGS agrees. We’ll help you start with a courtesy consultation.


Free Business Exit Strategy Workshop – Salt Lake, July 22

Eventbrite – The Scheduling Institute presents Business Exit Strategy Workshop – Friday, July 22, 2016 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, UT. FREE! (no, we don’t know why they are using the image of a physician, surgeon or dentist).


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Will you or can you be in Salt Lake on July 22nd? Attend Evenbrite’s Exit Strategy Workshop at no cost.


Planning Your Franchise Exit | Franchising USA

By Marshall Tinsley, Attorney

You’ve bought your franchise, and you are now open for business. The next step is to start planning your exit strategy.


While hopefully your exit from this franchise will be far into the future, inevitably you will want or need to move on.


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Franchising is clearly an attractive way to quickly start a new business. It’s interesting to note that a leading publisher also advocates creating an exit plan from the beginning — just like EGS. Call now to get your plan started.


Is poor succession planning threatening our SMBs?

Securian surveyed 600 SMBs with revenues under $20 million and an average headcount of 27. Its top-line findings are enough to make you sit up straight: 54% of surveyed owners plan to leave their companies within 10 years, but 72% have taken no concerted action — no exit or succession planning — to make that happen.


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Here’s a wake-up call out of Minnesota. If it wakes you up, give EGS a holler for a free exit plan consultation.


One Owner’s Perspective on Exit Strategy Planning – DealZumo

When we did finally go to market, we felt like we had an MBA in selling a business.  We had hard data on what our business was worth, we knew which buyers would be interested, how to approach those buyers and exactly how the process would play out.


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Here’s a highly relevant personal case study from the home healthcare market. And it’s an Rx for nearly any business. Starting with a complimentary consultation, EGS will help you get started on your own “MBA” in an exit solution for your business.


Changing Ownership for Your Small Business? Why You Need a Business Transition Plan

Regardless of the kind of exit you’re considering for your business, it’s going to take time to complete and will have an array of effects on you, your employees, your family, your finances, and more. In today’s post, we’ll elaborate on why you need a business transition plan.


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Here’s an educational group in Oregon with solid insight. Contact EGS to turn this into full custom advice starting with a zero-cost consultation.


Six Exit Strategies for Investors in Startups

Exit strategies for startup firms take on different forms, but it’s important your startup puts one in place for your investors:


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Collectively, startups are much different from established companies in terms of exit strategies. Investors are interested in much earlier exits. Here’s insight from a writer who has “been there, done that” several times.