The First Step to an Exit Strategy

John Warrilow advocates business dashboards to help you focus on the big picture, including your successful exit.

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Interesting idea: make yourself operationally irrelevant. For some small businesses I see the sense in this. Business value can soar when the CEO learns to delegate. John Warrilow’s article is short and solid.


Components Of A Good Business Succession Plan

A business succession plan is an important component of any business strategic planning process.


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This general-purpose article covers the basics in succession planning — making it a good check list. Like any plan, the earlier it’s prepared, the better. EGS encourages early planning.


How and when to create an exit strategy for your business

As a company owner, your exit strategy is a key part of your business plan to allow your business’ success to continue after you’ve left.

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From our colleagues across the big pond comes this brief article offering simple but solid advice. Take a look. For most firms, the end game is more complex. EGS offers a free consultation.


What Keeps Your Good People… Yours

Companies have long recognized the importance of smart employee recruiting. Now they are discovering that it’s just as important to spend their time on retention. [And, if it’s time to implement the exit strategy, retention could be the difference between an excellent price or a mediocre offer.


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This straightforward article could be a wake-up call. At EGS, a core principal of company valuation is retention. Every exit solution needs to address how to keep the key employees… employed.


Franchisees: What’s Your Exit Strategy When You Are Ready to Move On or Retire?

All too often, eager entrepreneurs tend to overlook the bigger picture of their promising careers as business owners, foregoing the process of planning an exit solution. WRONG!


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Franchisor Minuteman Press goes far beyond the extra mile for their franchise customers. They actively counsel exit solutions from the beginning, keeping the end in mind (as EGS strongly advocates). Very good article.


Column: Exit strategy key for investors | Westfair Communications

Early stage investors know how they will make their money: through exits. Given the risks in this stage of investing, angels need to aim for a 30 times return on their investment. This means that a company needs to grow quickly and go through a liquidity event, generally a sale, before the investor sees any money at all.


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Professional investors understand the importance of planning their exit from the get-go. Sage advice for every business person! We hope you’ll search our website for articles that help you build a custom exit solution. Or call us for a free consultation.


Engagement: Always on

Employee engagement and retention today means understanding an empowered workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity, and purpose. Under the evolving social contract between employer and employee, workers become “volunteers” to be reengaged and re-recruited each day.


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Very good article from Deloitte. Even small firms learn the hard way that employee engagement is central to building company value. Engaged employees become loyal, retained employees. For most firms, the gold standard in valuation is a low turnover workforce.


Planning Your Exit Strategy: Small Business Valuation | NFIB

Eventually most small business owners will need to calculate the worth of their business – for the purpose of sale, loan application, estate planning, net worth calculation, etc. Also, valuation is critical when deciding to purchase a business.

There are numerous valuation techniques, ranging from simple “rule of thumb” methods to more complex ratios that include asset valuation and industry average valuations.


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This short article provides the basics, quickly. Valuation is complex and we’ve prepared an article to guide you: What’s Your Company Worth?