How to Use Business Valuation for Exit Planning

Need to develop a business valuation for exit planning purposes? We can help. Read more about how a business appraisal helps you get the most from your sale.

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This brief article delivers solid advice. EGS practices business valuation appraisal as a planning tool to set the stage for the best possible outcome. Get our customized insight beginning with a courtesy evaluation.


5 Mistakes to Avoid During Exit Planning

Selling an online business is an attractive prospect for many business owners; but if you’re the seller and your exit strategy lacks forethought and cohesion, you could end up making mistakes that cost you.

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This article from a San Antonio source is an interesting read. It reinforces the idea of planning early. At EGS, we can help you avoid the mistakes detailed in the article and a lot more. Call for a courtesy consultation.

Business Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners – The Accountant’s View

Business Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners in a 32-minute video


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Got a spare half hour? This YouTube video by a Texas firm will take you through the basic considerations of small business exit strategies. A useful primer, you’ll then want to contact EGS for a courtesy consultation leading to a custom plan fitted to your exact needs.


Make your exit a success – Haines Watts

When you are growing your business, it may not feel like the right time to think about your exit strategy. Download our advice.

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From our colleagues in Great Britain comes this on-target guidance in downloadable form. About 98% of it is accurate for the U.S. market. EGS is your partner for implementation (and we’ll customize our approach to your specific needs).

Startup to succession – Sean Elliot’s story – a Case Study

For owner managers, succession planning is often a double edged sword; there are the twin issues of how the business will be owned, and who will lead the company once the owner steps down.


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Here’s an interesting case study out of Great Britain. Sean Elliot paid attention to the need for lead time, and it paid off. At EGS, we believe in lead time and have solutions if you don’t have any.


Planning Your Exit Strategy | Wells Fargo Advisors

An exit strategy involves developing a plan to pass on responsibility for running your business, transferring ownership and extracting the money.

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Wells Fargo delivers solid advice in this well-written article.


You built the company, now you are retiring

Four million baby boomers currently own and operate American companies, representing roughly 66 percent of all domestic businesses with employees. What happens to their companies and employees when these owners retire?

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Here’s an ESOP-centered article that focuses on shifting demographics in exit strategies. It’s a good read. You’ll get custom attention to ESOPs and all other tactics when EGS consults with you.

Exit Planning & Transition Insights

We’re Boston-based exit consultants. Here’s some quick insight for those owners thinking about an exit plan. Your actual best insight may vary, so hook up with a vetted consultant to get it right.

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EGS is ready to help you craft your own best insights. First consultation is free.

Six Tips to Make Succession Planning a Snap for Your Family Business

Business succession planning is critical for family businesses. These tips will help ensure a smooth transition from one generation to another.

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We like this article and the website that delivers it. Good insight here. To take the message further, contact EGS for a complimentary exit consultation and many more custom tips.


A Guide To Succession Planning & Exit Strategy

Keynote Speaker and Mentor David Oliver and BCMS, one of the world’s leading business transfer agents, have put together a special one-hour webinar.

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Got a spare hour? Here’s a video from a British firm that offers a general succinct guide to succession and exit strategy. Or you could get a tailored-to-your-business guide direct from EGS. Call 703-801-9394 for a complimentary consultation.